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electricians duncan

At RB Electric, we specialize in providing electrical services including installation, repairs, and upgrades. For several years, we have been handling the electrical system needs of homes and business in Duncan, BC, and nearby cities. Our qualified electricians in Duncan can help rewire your home, upgrade your lighting, repair faulty sockets, carrying out new installations, and many more. No matter your electrical needs, you can count on us for safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

How Do I Find A Reputable Electrician?

When doing electrical works around your home, you need to find the most skilled, professional, experienced and reputable electrician to get your work done efficiently. It can be quite difficult in getting a reputable electrician as you get to see a lot of trained electricians here and there. When looking for a reliable one, don’t jump at the lowest price!

When seeking out and selecting a reputable electrician, consider doing the following:

  • Request For Recommendations – You can start by asking friends, family, your co-workers, contractors for recommendations based on their experience or if they have needed electrical services recently.
  • Request For References – To ascertain if an electrician is reputable, make a wise decision of asking for references from his/her former employers. Call to ask about the quality of work done and how satisfied they were. Also inquire if the work was done in a timely manner with accurate costs.
  • Online Reviews – Another thing you can do is searching online if there are any complaints against the electrician or company. This can also be done via the regulatory bodies.
  • Insurance Check – There may be any damage or accidents to your home while working, it is very important to check if the electrician carries insurance prior to hiring. You can call the insurance provider to confirm the authenticity of it.
  • Check For License – Every reputable electrician must have been licensed. Demand to see a copy of this license and verify its status by the regulatory bodies.

How Much Does It Cost To Wire A New House?

In wiring a new house, the total cost for the project usually depends on the electrician, their experience, license type; whether ‘apprentice’, ‘journeyman’ or ‘Master’. Some of the other factors that determine the cost of a new house wiring project include:

  • Cost of wires and materials - The panel, wires, outlets, switch plates, light fixtures, and other material usually comes with varying prices and they are essential in getting the final cost of the wiring.
  • Size and location of house – A bigger house will always need many feet of wiring, with more materials. All of which determine how much you’ll be charged for your house wiring.
  • Hourly rate – This may vary depending on the electrician or location.
  • Additional costs like distance and labor costs.

All these factors in to determine the quote you’ll get from an electrician or contractor for wiring a new house.

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Do you need skilled electricians in Duncan to handle your electrical system projects? Contact us today at RB Electric. Our services are affordable, detailed, and highly professional. We will offer you a custom-tailored solution that meet your needs. We guarantee you excellent services.

Electricians Duncan

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Electricians Lake Cowichan

Every home and business in Lake Cowichan depend on electricity on a daily basis. Whether you are rewiring your home, installing a new electrical network, fixing electrical issues, or replacing electrical panels, you will need competent electricians in Lake Cowichan to handle the task. For your various electrical needs, always call on our expert electricians at RB Electric. We are the perfect fit to handle the task.

At RB Electric, we specialize in providing various electrical services ranging from electrical installations to wiring, lighting upgrades and repairs, and electrical heat installation and repairs. Our expert electricians can replace electrical panels, rewire an entire house, and provide service upgrades. No matter the electrical project, we are one of the best electricians in Lake Cowichan to get it done.

What Are The Various Electrical Faults In The Home?

Electricity is an intrinsic part of our life, and our daily activities. We use it almost every minutes of the day, and its hard living without it. Obviously, you really can’t enjoy the comfort of your home if some of your home appliances aren’t working because of electrical faults. Some of the various electrical faults in the home are:

  • Electrical surges.
  • Broken light switches.
  • Loose outlets plug.
  • Broken fuses.
  • Overloaded Circuits.
  • Circuit breaker that trips frequently.
  • Warm outlets
  • Damaged cords or extensions.
  • Dimming and flickering Lights.

Some electrical faults can be harmless, while some can be dangerous and complex to do. However, if you don’t have the expertise or knowledge in tackling these electrical faults, consider calling an electrician which is a professional at it. Safety first!

How Much Does It Cost an Electrician To Wire A House?

Wiring a house is a hazardous job and should only be assigned to a qualified electrician. It is essential to know that the cost of wiring a house largely depends on three major factors:

Size and Layout of the House – If a house is very big and has more square foot, definitely it’ll need more feet of wiring. The more the rooms in a house, the more the number of sockets and switches to be bought. There may be additional wiring to be done to the garage also, all of which has an impact on the total cost to wire a house.

Labor Cost – There are different electricians with different quotes, when deducing the cost in wiring a house the labor cost comes in as a huge factor. Some electricians charge hourly, while some charge by the number of feet laid. You can contact our expert team to get an accurate quote.

The Materials – The panel, outlets, switch plates, installation materials, and others usually comes with varying prices. Some materials may be of lower prices, while there are expensive ones too. It all comes down to choice made by you or the electrician, and the choices made impact the cost. However, our electricians at RB Electric only use the best quality electrical materials and components.

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