Electrical inspection Duncan

Electrical inspection Duncan

Electrical inspection entails carrying out a detailed inspection on the various electrical components and connections in your home. The inspection team will take a comprehensive look at your electrical systems to ensure that everything is in excellent condition. At RB Electric, we provide professional electrical inspection in Duncan, BC.

Our highly trained, qualified, and certified electricians have the tools to inspect your electrical system. We also offer other services such as rewiring, electrical installations, lighting upgrades, electrical repairs, and so forth. No matter your electrical needs, we've got you covered.

What Is An Electrical Inspection?

During the electrical installations of your home, it is important to note some things. Various loopholes, unchecked points, all of this may be the reason of failing an inspection test/check later. To avoid this it is important to know about electrical inspection.

Electrical inspection involves inspecting your home, the electrical connections, electrical components, wiring, and making sure all these things are in a good working condition and do not pose as a threat or hazard to your home at large. Electrical inspection ensures all these things comply with the requirements or required standards of your state or area.

What Should I Expect From An Electrical Inspection?

From every house electrical inspection, you should expect thorough scanning of your home. Some of the things to expect from an electrical inspection are:

  • All electrical hazards check
  • Checking for outdated and exposed wires.
  • Checking for all safety switches to know whether they are in good condition.
  • Checking and noting all electrical items in the home that doesn't meet the standards or government regulations.
  • Panel check and testing power box.
  • Correction of minor safety and fire hazards
  • The summary and report of the inspection.

How Often Do You Need Electrical Inspection?

Did you notice any issues or electrical problems in your Duncan BC home? And you are trying to identify the source or how to tackle these problems, then it's high time you needed an electrical inspection. Some of the other occasions where you might need an inspection are:

  • When buying a new home, you need an electrical inspection in checking this new home. Making sure the home components is in good condition and has all the safety standards and electrical connections well placed.
  • You also need an electrical inspection when a large amount of renovations is about to be done in your home.
  • Old houses tend to need an electrical inspection check, if your house is over 25 years old. You should consider doing an electrical check.
  • When there are heavy storms, this often damage electrical appliances or components in the house. You will need an electrical inspection if your house has been affected by major storm damage.

Need Electrical Inspection In Duncan? Contact Us Today!

Schedule an appointment with us today at RB Electric for your electrical inspection. Our dedication team with be available to speak with you. We will provide expert advice and recommendation to improve upon and other safety measures. We guarantee you excellent services.

Electrical inspection Duncan

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