Industrial Electrician

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RB Electric has a small team of industrial electrical contractors with specialization in different electrical niches. With over 35 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, our technicians know the ins and outs of industrial electrical equipment.

Our industrial electricians have a simple motto, to make sure your business doesn’t experience unnecessary downtimes. They are available during emergencies and arrive with fully equipped vans to make first day repairs. This is important to our clients who have industrial and commercial grade equipment that may have come to a grinding halt due to poor electrical wiring solutions.

Although the industrial sector in Vancouver Island is immensely vast, our industrial electricians have acquired acuity in many technical areas including transportation services, machine shops,Concrete and Ashphault Batch Plants.

Starting out as a small team of ambitious electricians, we worked our way from obscurity to becoming a well known firm specializing in industrial electrical services in many parts of Canada. What makes us unique is in-depth knowledge, sufficient experience, and fast response times at unmatched price packages.

Some of Our Highly Valued Features Include

  • Fast response times
  • Thorough electrical inspections
  • Guarantees
  • Installations of power systems for equipment and specialized machines.
  • surface conduit installations for existing walls and ceilings.
  • Service “ heavy ups “ to existing industrial main power systems.
  • High efficient lighting fixtures to cut hydro costs.

Why RB Electric Is Your First Choice for Electrical Contractors

Whether you’re upgrading industrial infrastructure, installing complex equipment and circuitry, or optimizing existing spaces for increased energy efficiency, RB Electric has got the expertise and training to get the job done.

We take out time to get in-depth information about your project, inspect your facility, make notes, and carry out needed calculations for accurate solutions.

Our team offers electrical solutions by taking into account both your short-term and long-term goals. Over the years, our electricians have worked on several industrial clients of all sizes, giving us the benefit of hindsight for future projects. RB Electric operates with the primary purpose of building an on-going partnership with you, and so is bound to provide you with the best possible services.

Our industrial electrical contractors are fully aware that interruption to your facility could prove detrimental to the business. Which is why we provide fast response times, always arriving on schedule to minimize losses due to disruptions caused by faulty electrical equipment.

Electrical contractors at RB Electric provide installation, repair, maintenance, and ongoing support to keep your facility running as smooth as possible.
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