Residential Electrician

Let Us Solve Your Electrical Problems Today!

RB Electric prioritizes safety unlike other services, we understand the risks and dangers that electricity poses, making sure to go extra mile if needed to make your home safer.

Electrical problems are a dime a dozen these days, most of which go undetected until they become a danger. Many older homes still have outdated and faulty wiring systems which are not up to date and in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code. This increases the risk of hazards such as electrical fires and electrocution due to lack of grounding.

The highly trained electricians at RB Electric strive to provide customers with outstanding services at competitive prices. Despite being a small team of technicians, we are the preferred choice of customers in places like Cowichan Lake and Chemainus in Canada. This is because of their relatively higher experience and knowledge when it comes to all things electrical.

Our electricians will evaluate your home’s wiring situation and compare it with the latest electrical codes in Canada, and make suitable electrical design recommendations to you for maximum safety. They will also suggest safer electrical products such as switches, plugs, light fixtures and electric panels for optimized performance, with emphasis on the lower consumption of electricity.

We also go through your electrical service panel to see if the connections are in accordance with codes. All inspection services are thorough to ensure that all your electrical appliances and switches are operational. At the end of the routine inspection, RB Electric will leave you with peace of mind.

Although our electricians work certain hours of the day, they will go out of their way to ensure any electrical emergencies you might be facing are taken care of. Equipped with certificates from accredited institutions and fully trained in electrician services, our technicians will put all your worries to rest.

With 35 years of experience, our residential electricians constantly update their knowledge of electrical systems and devices to keep pace with latest trends and research papers. This makes for an unparalleled experience that is guaranteed to outperform competitors at lower market rates. All our residential electricians are courteous and humble in their demeanor, making customers feel comfortable in their presence as they guide them through their electrical problems.

At RB Electric we put special emphasis on affordable services that are virtually unmatched. With just one phone call, our licensed electricians will arrive at your home with a fully stocked van to take care of all your electrical problems. In many cases your electrical issues will be repaired on the first visit, it is rare for the majority of electrical problems to be stretched over a period of days.

Some Of Our Services Include

  • Switch installation
  • Light fixture installation
  • Outdoor light fixtures
  • Safety inspections
  • Grounding services
  • Breaker boxes
  • Door bells and chimes
  • Smoke detectors
  • Temporary services for new construction.
  • kitchen and bath electrical renovations
  • New house and shop construction service.
  • Both Minor and Major House Renovations.
  • Land scape accent lighting and receptacle installations.

High End Electrical Services at Low Prices

Our residential electricians at RB Electric have the primary goal to make your electrical problems go away. They give honest and upfront feedback on service charges with no hidden fees, guaranteed.
Our services are also backed up by guarantees to give you the peace of mind. RB Electric is trusted by its consumer base because of their services and competitive price packages.
We have a small team of technicians that are humble and courteous in their demeanor, so fire away all your questions and they will answer them to the best of their abilities.

What Home Owners Can Expect at RB Electric

  • Unmatched high quality services
  • Competitive service fees
  • Guarantee
  • Highly trained technicians
  • Friendly and courteous technicians