Electrical Services

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At RB Electric, you can rely on us for installing, replacing, maintaining, and repairing all your electrical equipment. Our services range from upgrading electrical panels to installing new breaker panels while complying with the Canadian Electrical Code. With 35 years of experience under our belt, there isn’t an electrical problem that we can’t solve.

At RB Electric we’re a small company of highly trained technicians who are well respected in the industry for the services that we provide. All our electricians are specialized in one electrical niche or another, ranging from electrical repairs to electrical inspections. If you need an electrical contractor to solve a problem, contact us online to schedule an appointment.

We help with the installation and repair of:

  • Lighting Upgrades And Repairs
  • Electrical panels for improved safety and performance
  • High-tech equipment to reduce fire and electrical hazards
  • Home Electrical inspection when purchasing or selling a home.
  • Silver label certifications for mobile Nd module homes.
  • Hot tub electrical installations.
  • Heat pump connections.
  • Electric heat installations and repairs.

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Experts at Servicing Electrical Emergencies in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Properties

When it comes to electricity, you can never be too careful. As easy as it is to control current and voltage, electricity is still wildly unpredictable. Anything can go wrong at any instance, catching even the best prepared individuals off guard. But there are alarming signs of possible electrical issues, including flickering lights and tripping breakers.
At RB Electric, we will never try to sell you any service you don’t need. Our technicians focus on addressing only those issues that can solve your specific needs. It doesn’t matter how complex or old your electrical equipment may be, you can rest assured to get accurate assessments from us.
RB Electric has a small team of highly trained electricians in Vancouver Island who are motivated to produce the best results. Our technicians are always well-equipped for any kind of emergency, which makes it possible to troubleshoot and diagnose the majority of electrical problems on the spot without having to go back and forth.

At RB Electric, we provide free estimates and quotes. We also offer same day service and extensive warranties on labor and materials. By hiring RB Electric, you can get to enjoy:

  • Rest assured our rates are lower than the market ones.

  • Our technicians are available 24/7 to address all types of electrical emergencies

  • You can count on RB Electric to provide you with some of the best electricians in Canada

Why You Should Reach Out To Us First

It is incredibly easy to get a hold of our technicians. They will visit your house and provide you with a free quote by thoroughly inspecting your electrical wires and equipment.
Our technicians are outfitted with comprehensive electrician toolkits that they carry with them on all inspections. This allows us to offer you same day repairs for your home and business.
You get honest and up front estimates with no hidden charges. There are going to be no surprises. If something unexpected does come up, we’ll cover it on our end.
At RB Electric, we are extremely quick to respond to ongoing queries despite being a small company. We hold our customers in high regard and do not want them to wait in long queries.
You will never have to worry about your insurance becoming void again because of electrical repair, maintenance and installation. All our electricians are certified, trained and equipped.
Our technicians constantly update their knowledge related to electrical equipment and prioritize safety above all else. Safety is largely ignored by many firms, which can put the lives of innocent people at risk of electrical fires and electrocution.

All of our technicians are humble professionals who carry themselves with a pleasant demeanor that is sure to make you feel comfortable. We are a small team of technicians who value customer satisfaction and take necessary steps to ensure you get the best possible service.