About Us

About Us

RB Electric started out small, but with ambition. Being a result-oriented and customer-centric organization, the company has become the one stop shop solution for many customers . And while we’ve made incredible progress as a small company, our ambition to remain customer-centric hasn’t wavered. Our electrical contractors pay careful attention to small details while giving you an honest breakdown of possible electrical problems.

Your friendly team of electricians, promising reliable and cost-effective solutions

At RB Electric, it’s all about making the customer happy. Our small team of highly skilled technicians takes great pride in rendering only the best possible electrical services. We provide you with cost-effective electrical solutions, thriving on great customer satisfaction.

Our team of specialized electricians are certified and trained to give you long-term affordable solutions. We also provide quick turnarounds, making us the ideal one stop shop for all your electrical needs. And the best part is that we don’t charge exceptionally high fees, our pricing structure remains highly competitive with unbeatable service charges!

We know how ambitious it all sounds on paper, which is why we’re equipped with the best tools and knowledge that comes with years of experience in the electrical consultancy industry. Our small team members are thorough, methodical, trained, and astute, and they know their jobs inside out.

Our Story – Our Core Principles

We’re a small group of entrepreneurs that started out with an idea. Our dream was to create a helpful team of skilled electricians who always ‘get the job done’. Our small business has quickly surpassed several milestones to become a well respected electrical solution provider in Vancouver Island. We have serviced several industries over the past 35 years, comprising residential, industrial and commercial properties.

What excites us most, however, is getting to play a big role in making homes and offices safer, from both environmental and humanitarian perspectives. For instance did you know that at least 20% of fires in Canada are caused as a result of faulty electrical wiring? At RB Electric, we’re quite possibly one of the few companies that prioritize safety before all else, addressing core electrical problems before they spell disaster.

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