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RB Electric is a Small Team of Certified and Trained Electricians in Ladysmith

Give us a call today to get our professional electricians in Ladysmith to solve your electrical problems. We prioritize affordability without compromising on quality, while giving you a quick turnaround!

As time goes on, we become more familiar with electricity, and gain clues on how to control and regulate it. Older electrical solutions become redundant, while newer, safer, efficient, and more optimized systems take their place. Electrical wiring that was installed just a few decades ago has now become old, weary, and outdated. This means a higher risk of electrocutions and electrical fires. If you’re living in Vancouver Island, and you haven’t had an electrician look into your electrical wiring, it’s about time you should.

The electricians at RB Electric have over 35 years of experience in dealing with electrical equipment and wiring. Our highly trained technicians have updated and honed their skills to troubleshoot and diagnose electrical problems with efficient results. We provide you with a competitive pricing structure in Vancouver Island that is unmatched, and we focus on exceeding expectations in terms of our quality of service.

If you’ve run into an electrical problem, it is not recommended for you to take things into your own hands. Sure there are many blogs and videos on diagnosing and solving electrical problems in your house, but it is not advisable to risk injury and even death. Electricity is highly unpredictable, and even the best minds have trouble figuring out complex electrical systems.

We Have a Long List of Clients from Several Industries Including

  • Sugar manufacturing plants
  • Homes and office buildings
  • Petroleum plants
  • Universities and schools
  • Research facilities

We Provide a Long List of Services Including

  • Electrical contractors
  • Residential electricians
  • Commercial electricians
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Equipment repair
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting services
  • Electrical code upgrades in compliance with CSA C22.1
  • Equipment optimization for efficient use of electricity
  • Other electrical solutions

RB Electric Has Over 35 Years of Experience in Electrical Services

Electricians at RB Electric are trained to fix any electrical problem. Whether it is repair, installation, or routine maintenance, we make sure your house and office space are up to date when it comes to electricity. Although we have a small team of electricians, their experience and service has won the trust of thousands of clients in Vancouver Island.

We provide our clients with honest and up front pricing mechanisms. This means you won’t be charged any hidden fees, even if a different problem comes up during repair and investigations. A high quality of service shouldn’t come at a steep price, which is why we don’t charge excessive fees. Expect competitive price that you won’t find elsewhere in Ladysmith.

The small but highly trained group of electricians at RB Electric constantly refines and updates their knowledge and skillset. They do this by staying on top of industry trends to make sure they don’t come across a problem they can’t solve. Our technicians are dispatched to your location with fully equipped vans for one stop solutions, and it is rare for us to go for a second trip!

Did you know that most people don’t give due importance to electrical safety? This is one of the reasons why over 20% of all fires in Canada are a result of electrical failures and equipment malfunction. At RB Electric, we prioritize safely above all else while still retaining a high level of service quality at an affordable price. You get the complete package without being charged excessively.

Call Our Technicians at RB Electric Today to Receive Several Benefits Including

  • Specialized services that meet the requirements for your specific needs.
  • Affordable pricing structure for homes, offices, and enterprises alike.
  • Emergency services when needed.
  • Guarantees from our technicians so you don’t have to worry about electrical problems in the future.
  • Polite and humble professionals who give you a brief rundown of the electrical problem without trying to confuse you with too much jargon. After all, we believe in simplicity.
  • Affordable Price

    RB Electric only charges nominal rates without going overboard

  • 24/7 Service

    Electrical emergency? Don’t worry, we’ll be there

  • Professional Electricians

    Only highly trained, experienced and certified electricians are dispatched your way

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