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RB Electric is your preferred team of electrical services experts and contractors in Cobble Hill.

Our 35 years of experience makes us one of the first electrical companies to call for any electrical equipment or wiring problem.

We are competent in service upgrade, wiring, installation, and repairs. As reputed electrical contractors in and around Cobble Hill and Vancouver Island, we carry out residential electrical, commercial electrical, and industrial electrical works. We are well aware of the Canadian Electrical Code and provide expertise in various electrical works like service upgrade, wiring installation, repairs of old electrical systems and equipment, and contracting for residential and commercial needs.

You can rely on our qualified and certified electricians who can work under tough conditions like tight corners or cramped spaces. Do you need electricians after office hours? Our flexibility in timings ensures that your[Customer don’t have to take the day off or leave office early because RB Electric offers service after office hours too] work timings do not get affected.Oh! Did we say that we are available round the clock on all days for any electrical work?

Our team has experience in these key areas –

1 – Residential electricians in Cobble Hill

Many homes maintain old age wiring and electrical systems. They need to be checked by our experts, so that the minor problems don’t snowball into major issues that compromise the residents’ safety. Outdated and faulty wiring can be risky and turn disastrous at any time. It is best to get an expert like RB Electric to inspect the wiring and assess the health of electrical equipment in the house.

RB Electric serves Vancouver Island and has made a name as a skilled residential electrician in Cobble Hill. As one of the leading electrical companies, we carry out a lot of activities. We assess your home’s wiring situation and check if it adheres to the latest electrical codes in Canada.

You can also call us for any electrical emergency. We will be happy to serve you 24/7.

2 – Commercial electricians in Cobble Hill

Are electrical problems impeding your growth prospects? Then connect with us at RB Electric. We can work towards your office having a smooth supply of electricity with fixed input and output voltage. We also do electrical testing, auditing, inspection, and repair works. All components, from the electric panel to every single light bulb is checked to see that it is working as expected.

In addition to installation of plugs, sockets, and electrical equipment, we offer other services too. We audit your office space to identify and detect issues that could later result in equipment failure.

3 – Industrial electricians in Cobble Hill

We know that industrial power usage and requirement is way different than home or office needs. Hence, we have built a small team of electrical contractors with specialization in different electrical applications, specifically within the industrial domain.

You can trust our competencies in many technical areas including transportation services, machine shops, concrete and Asphalt Batch Plants. This gives us an edge to resolve electrical issues that arise in large scale industrial units.

Our expertise comes in handy in installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment. We also offer ongoing support to keep your facility running in top shape.

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