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Are you looking for the most reliable team of electricians in Mill Bay? Then you are in the right place.

RB Electric has been serving the neighbourhood of Mill Bay for many decades now. We are the go-to specialists when it comes to any type of electricity problem. Be it the installation of new electric points, or repairs for the old knob and tube wiring, we are adept at all types of electrical services.

It is our mission to serve Mill Bay with competent electricians who are experienced at installing, troubleshooting, electrical inspection, and repairing electrical systems and equipment.

Be it new builds or renovations, we can efficiently handle all types of electrical and wiring issues with residential, industrial, and commercial electrical services.

Our certified electricians are ready to offer you top-notch services at the right time. This way, any risks associated with faulty electrical systems will be tackled on time. This prevents any harm to the property or to the people living in it. We cover a range of services for commercial and residential electrical works in Mill Bay.

Services we offer

1 – Residential electricians in Mill Bay

We are known as a trustworthy team of residential electricians in Mill Bay. Our electrical contractors make sure that you are put at ease when our crew is on your property premises. We have completed many calls for residential electrician services in your neighbourhood. We are committed to providing exemplary services as per your specific requirement.

As renowned electrical contractors, we look after household components like electric panel, plugs, sockets, wiring, earthing, and installation and repairs of electrical equipment.

2 – Commercial electricians in Mill Bay

Electrical devices are a crucial part of workplace productivity. The higher consumption of power as compared to a house, plus the different devices used here calls for an expert electrical contractor in Mill Bay who is proficient in commercial electrical works. This scenario is where we at RB Electric come in.

We have worked with different sizes, types, and configuration of plugs, sockets, receptacles, and switches. Our intensive experience allows us to be the preferred partner if your office or commercial workplace needs a skilled pair of eyes to look into electrical problems.

3 – Industrial electricians in Mill Bay

We have proven to be one of the few electrical companies that can deal with the distinct needs of industrial power supply equipment. We have the experience of working with industrial electrical equipment like manufacturing plants, machinery, mills, pump stations, and production facilities.

They have different voltage needs as compared to household electrical systems. They usually work with extremely high-power configuration. Hence, you need an expert like RB Electric to look into industrial electric systems issues.

We also offer our services in regular maintenance. This way, you can save a lot on costly replacement in case the electrical problem continues to be ignored for long. This step also wards off life-threatening situations.

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With RB Electric by your side, you won’t experience the shock of faulty electrical systems in your home or workplace.

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